Manage your home loan

Making changes to your Neat or Own home loan

Check your loan details

Stay on top of your home loan

Once you’ve settled your loan, you can check out your loan details including your next minimum repayment and statements within our app.

Keep scrolling if you want to find out how to make any changes to your Neat and Own home loans like changing repayments, making or redrawing additional payments or updating your personal details.

Do you have a UHomeLoan? Here’s how to manage your UHomeLoan.

Change repayments

Change repayments

Take control of your repayments

You should be able to choose how and when you pay back your home loan – it’s your money after all.

You have total control over:

  • which Spend account we automatically take your repayments from

  • your repayment frequency, whether it’s weekly, fortnightly or monthly, if you’re on a variable P&I loan.

If you’d like to make changes to your repayments, call us on 13 30 80.

Make and redraw additional payments

Make and redraw additional payments

Pay off your loan faster

With our Neat and Own variable loans, you can make unlimited additional payments at no extra cost.

If you’re on an Own fixed loan, you’ll be able to make additional payments up to $20K during your fixed term.

Whenever you like, you can redraw your additional payments by using our app to transfer the money to any of your Spend or Save accounts.

Managing offset accounts

Managing offset accounts

Lower the interest on your loan

If you have an Own variable loan, you can use multiple Spend and Save accounts as offset accounts to pay less interest on your loan.

You’ll be able to set up a Spend or Save account as an offset account when you accept your loan offer. If you want to set up more offset accounts or make changes to any of your existing ones, give us a call on 13 30 80.

Update loan type or loan amount

Update loan type or loan amount

Change your loan to suit you

Switching your loan type

It’s a simple process if you want to change your loan from variable to fixed, or lock in a rate for another fixed period. You might also be able to change from a principal and interest (P&I) loan to an interest only (IO) loan.

For help with changing your loan type, call us on 13 30 80.


Increasing your loan amount

If you need extra funds, we’ll need to have a chat first. Give us a call on 02 9058 7404 (9am-8pm Mon-Fri Sydney time) or reach out to your broker if you have one.

Change details

Change details

Need to update your personal details?

To change your personal details, simply head to “Settings” in our app and then tap on your initials on the top right. You can edit your nickname, email address and residential address through the app.

If you need to update your mobile number, please call us on 13 30 80.

Financial difficulty

Have you been hit by the unexpected?

We understand that life can throw curveballs that might leave you struggling with your repayments.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, please call us on 13 30 80 as soon as you can so we can try to help you back on your feet again.

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