Original ubank FAQs

Info on original ubank products

This FAQ is related to an original ubank product that new customers can no longer access. Head to our help centre if you want info about our current ubank products.

Can I withdraw my Term Deposit early?

Yes, you can ask for a partial or full withdrawal of your Term Deposit before it reaches its maturity date by giving us a call on 13 30 80.

You must give ubank 31 days’ advance notice to make a partial or full withdrawal prior to maturity. If you think you may require immediate access to your funds, a different deposit product may be more suitable for you.

Ubank also requires you to meet other conditions before the withdrawal can be made, for example:


  • All parties on the account must have completed their identity verification.
  • Funds can only be paid to a Verified Linked Account.
  • To link an account from your online banking go to Managing > Add Linked Account.


In addition, if you withdraw an amount from your ubank Term Deposit before its maturity date, we may reduce the amount on interest accrued up to the day you close your account. This is known as prepayment cost.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more detail.